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About Google Earth

In 1996 Michael T. Jones developed a software called "Keyhole", which got bought by Google in 2004. Keyhole was renamed to Google Earth, and began it´s amazing success.


At first it was only available for Windows PC computers, but in 2006 it finally got released on MacOS X and Linux, to reach even more people then before.


The most recent release was on the 4th of February 2007 - Release No. 4.0.2737


Google Eartth is completly free for download, although there is a more advanced version Google Earth Plus which costs 20USD per year, and has 3 more features:


  • Integration of GPS Devices
  • Higher Resolution for printing
  • Enabled support for designing own buildings


Google Earth Pro, which is still only available for Windows PC computers costs 400USD per year, and is just for professional use. It supports all kinds of other modules, like an advanced movie-maker, which allows you to make real movies using Google Earth.


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